To achieve fulfillment for your dog, sanity for you through providing solutions that fit into your lifestyle. A balanced dog is a joy to own….a knowledgeable owner is a joy to the dog.

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What We Do
I take “Fulfillment For Dogs, Sanity For Humans” very seriously especially the fulfillment for dogs part. Our dogs today frequently are under exercised, under challenged mentally, over fed, over stimulated, & humanized . This creates behavior problems not limited to compulsive barking, destruction of property, escaping, over reaction to people & other dogs, resource guarding, even aggression. If any of the above problems apply to your dog, I can help you.
“We adopted a rescue dog with significant fear and anxiety issues.  Thanks to Lori’s training techniques and guidance, our dog has become a great companion–obedient, affectionate, and playful.  We could not have had this successful outcome without Lori’s professional help and compassion.” Dean and Karen Husted

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