Professional in dog training since 2007 that meaning I incorporated, becoming a business. Prior to that I worked with our local shelter honing my skills by taking unadoptable dogs in for rehab. Some were subsequently adopted & some stayed with me. Those still here continue to teach me.

Dogs have found me & taken me down many paths as I realized very early that it was very important to honor what a dog was put on this earth to do. Some of those paths have been herding, obedience & agility.

Seems I have always had multiple dogs (can’t remember having less that 5). I found traditional obedience classes lacking in multi dog solutions so when Cesar Millan came about with his series The Dog Whisperer, I knew he held the missing piece to the puzzle for me. You can call it Dog Psychology but I call it a Way of Life.

After deciding to make dog training my business, I completed a 30 day Shadow Program with Linn Boyke who is 1 of only 3 people trained by Cesar Millan. Cesar’s philosophy was yet another stepping stone in my journey.

I have participated in multi-media classes since 2012. These include Novice with board/train, Open, Utility & Tracking held by Tony Ancheta of Dog Management Systems

Currently I incorporate teaching Dog Psychology & traditional obedience skills believing both are essential for a well balanced dog & an educated owner.

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