When I first met Lori, I started telling her about my dog’s past of abusive treatment. She stopped my diatribe by saying, “That was then, this is now. Release the past and so will Wren (my dog).” Great spiritual leaders tell us to live in the “now.” And so do great dog trainers. 
Wren and I have been in both class and individual training with Lori, all with great success. Got a dog problem? Call Lori. There doesn’t seem to be an issue she can’t resolve (be prepared to discover the dog doesn’t have a problem — you do). No problem? call anyway — Lori will give you positive suggestions on how to enrich your and your dog’s time together.
Bets English

I feel like so much change and opportunity is opening up for us. It’s pleasantly nearly overwhelming.

Thanks for being supportive and patient with us.  I certainly appreciate all that you do. I’m pleased that your life led you to be who you are. Our life has been changed by you and your talents.

Lesa NeSmith

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 9 reviews
by Dana Bombard on Leader of the Pack, Corp
Thank You!

Thanks to you & Margie I now have a Dog l can take out & a round. My Boston Terrier hated all dog after 8 weeks of school you wouldn't know she was the same dog thanks

by Suzi Wild on Leader of the Pack, Corp
Lori Chandler Trainer

We met Lori in January 2013 when Holli a yellow Labrador was 10 weeks old. Lori guided us through the introductions between our 11 year old Inga and Holli.
Holli spent over the past 4 years, several levels of obedience and open classes. Lori's methodology is to train dog and human with lots of praise and confidence. As a result, lori has instilled the necessary tools for having an obedient and yet wonderful companion for our family. We also have Tucker, a 2 year old Labrador. I am and will forever be grateful for my friend for instilling the confidence to take two energetic Labs and being consistent with their everyday training and somehow we have all survived. Thank You Lori.

Training is Ongoing

Lori has been working with me and my 9 month old GS, Pearl. Pearl is a handful and Lori has given me the tools to continue training after we attended classes and 3 weeks of hands on training. The key thing I learned is training is more about the owner. We have to be consistent and follow through on what we learned in classes. Lori was/is very attentive, knowledgeable and teaches the owner. I would recommend starting your puppy training in one of Lori's classes. To watch her dogs is amazing and we can only dream that our pups will be as well behaved. Lori gives you the tools, all you need is the commitment.

by Rich and Shirley Grady on Leader of the Pack, Corp
Training the owner

Lori has been a blessing to us and Duke since we went through her Canine Good Citizen and Therapy dog training. Through her guidance, Duke’s learned discipline has given us daily livability and enjoyment with him. Everyone that meets Duke comments on how well behaved he is.
Lori guided the three of us to proper discipline (how to do it with firmness, yet not breaking Duke’s spirit). Because of Lori, we understand master-dog relationship with a very strong bond.
Lori’s empathy for owners to have a manageable, livable pet is evident through her training knowledge and skill that guides owners to the proper owner role. She assigns manageable homework that help the master and dog learn together.
Lori makes it fun and effective. The greatest joy we have is that we have a lovable, playful and manageable pet in Duke. Thanks Lori for all of your support.

I took my unruly Schnoodle Izzie to puppy class when she was about 11 months old. Lori was patient with us and I had a great time with other people and dogs. We did her 10 week class and there was a lot of improvement in Izzie. She is a willful girl but sweet. We were unavailable for graduation so Lori let us come back in the spring for another try. We missed graduation again. Izzie is now two and has an enviable rocket recall that surprises people we walk with. She is still willful but comes when called. She will heal, sit, down and all all other cues. She is not crisp in those things but impressive.

by Shawn & Cynthia on Leader of the Pack, Corp

We rescued our Abby, a 2 year old boxer back in May of 2014. She had her basic obedience, but still needed more. We heard about Lori & signed up for one of her 10 week classes. It was just what we needed. She is much calmer, more obedient & over all a much better dog than when we got her. Lori has done a wonderful job with her. Here is photo of her in her lay down position & us about couple of hundred feet away. She will not break until we tell her to come. This is one of many examples of what wonders Lori does with your dog. We recommend Lori to anyone we see as they meet our dog & compliment on her behavior. Hope our story helps you make your decision easier to have Lori train your dog to be a better, smarter, & much much more loving.

by Bette Acker on Leader of the Pack, Corp

We adopted a very shy dog named Scoutie and decided to take her to Lori's class to train her in basic obedience and to help her over come her shyness. The class accomplished both goals and Scoutie now protects our house when strangers appear. Before the class she would hide when the doorbell rang. Great job Lori. I highly recommend her and her classes.

by Danielle Ashley, Payson, AZ on Leader of the Pack, Corp

Lacey (my dog) and I have known Lori since March 2014. We attended her obedience class and not only did Lacey get trained but I, her owner, did as well. Lori's knowledge, understanding and love of animals is her gift to everyone that attends her obedience class. She always takes time to answer everyone's questions and to teach all the proper loving care of training your dog. Obedience training is very important to Lori as it protects the dog, owner and others.

We (Lacey and I) are proud to have had Lori as our trainer and would recommend her or her classes to anyone.

by Joel Goode, Payson, AZ on Leader of the Pack, Corp

My wife Sherry and I are dog parents to two Weimaraners named Attie and Waldo. Attie was an only child when we started classes with Lori Chandler. The concepts and technics Lori uses are broken down into smaller exercises that eventually are put together and the results are just amazing. Sure, some dogs will take to the training and learn easier or quicker than others and it does requires practice over and over with your dog, but in the end, they can all master the commands. I think I learned just as much as Attie and once I saw the results coming together it was so gratifying, it made it fun for both of us. Having the dog’s full attention and knowing they are dependable to follow your commands, is just part of the reward of the classes. Having a trained and disciplined dog makes for a much more pleasant relationship with your four legged companion and all those that you come into contact with.We had the opportunity to provide a forever home to a rescue Weimaraner and provide a pal for Attie. He came to us in need of lots of patience, love, and some healing. We immediately enrolled Waldo in the next open class Lori had available. Waldo is a totally different dog and in his own way he learned and began to change with attending the classes and doing the work that follows. He has become such a great boy. He and Attie are inseparable. They both follow the same commands and rules that we have taught them through attending Lori’s classes. People we meet on walks in our neighborhood, in the parks, or at Home Depot always comment on what well trained dogs we have. This wouldn’t have been the case if we hadn’t taken the time and interest in helping them to become better canine citizens. I am so grateful to Lori for her patience, persistence, and her knowledge that has helped make our companions more than just dogs. We highly recommend dog owners consider Lori Chandler and Leader of the Pack for assistance in all their dog training needs.